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It is floor and wall paint coating composed of polymerized resins in aqueous phase. Pigments: titanium dioxide and glass microspheres. It has the physical advances of its properties, TP 100® guarantees an extreme protection for inside and outside with thermal insulation effect.

Anti Feu


It is a flame retardant and intumescent paint that retards the spread of flame on combustible and non-combustible materials. Hinder the propagation of the flame by forming under the heat of the flame, a thick incombustible and insulating spongy crust, thus retarding the combustion of the materials.

Anti Feu-M


Polyurethane based double compenant anti fire paint. It can apply wood, metal and concrete surfaces. It has 180 minutes durability for fire.



It is paint for plastic and PP surfaces. It has high adherance and resistance.

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