About Us

Who we are?..

After fifteen years of experience, TurkQua brings you assured solutions for your construction, with its wide range of building products, our company is considered among the leading suppliers of specialized products for construction and industry at national level and international.

Why TurkQua?

TurkQua offers high-tech ecological products leading in the field of modern construction for waterproofing, acoustic and thermal insulation while respecting nature.

A new range of solutions for pre-mixed and prefabricated products to meet your needs for sealing, bonding, coating, reinforcement, construction and reconstruction, waterproofing, rehabilitation, restoration and thermo-acoustic insulation.

Our products meet European standards and are designed by highly qualified engineers specialized in the building sector who have also thought about your imperative needs in terms of restoration in your different stages of application by guaranteeing you a perfect quality reducing the costs of implementation implemented with great longevity in time.

Our TurkQua products will give you complete satisfaction for your indoor and outdoor work with unparalleled quality.

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